An early artist pencil drawing from age ten to Master Draftsman & Designer. Mused by painting and disjointed perspective on reality . All help to stay engaged with my contemporary and modernity views in art.

My concentration is mainly Painting Collage and Drawing. Collage gives meaning to a disjointed petrspective, painting and drawing give perception to the feelings and thoughts of what I’m uttering or conjuring onto the board or canvas .

Today I envision the world, the universe, and my existence within, as collaged experiences. Layers and fragments from childhood to adult, formal and self-education, adding personal and media influenced worldview with spiritual and practical human gestures all floating inside looking for position.

My representation is gestural to abstract. This is a movement into the process:
I begin painting or collaging patterns, images, and colors from my photographs, made or found papers until the composition appears. Once I have a definite hook on the picture, a concentrated dialog continues, creating samples that more clearly represent the arrangement. Completion comes by carrying the “collaging” with me through my daily environments’ scraping, drawing, or painting and refining until the feeling says done.

The imagery is an infusion of “where from, where at, and where to” reflected from within self and community at large. While not wanting to shout a bold political or social statement, it seeps through. Also asking, “Can I depict conscience today without natural, fabricated, or intercultural ingredients”? Challenging what makes up the form and invokes a connection.

I approach subject matter in a manner to exalt life... In whatever form it occurs.
The passion... being able to tell the story with no beginning or ending... just fractured renderings.