Femi J. Johnson, born in Manhattan, NY, Raised in Easton PA. , began pencil drawing from age ten and an early graphite and charcoal artist. Valuing art in tradesman-ship Femi spans years in large and small industry as Master Draftsman & Designer. As industry became more computerized A two-year study in studio fine art in Hudson Valley College, NY, helps to stay engaged with his contemporary and modernist views in art. Femi relocated back to the Lehigh Valley eight years ago, and currently works out of his Expressions Studio and Gallery at 542 Hamilton Street in downtown Allentown.
I envision the world, my existence within and meaning for painting, as abstract collaged experiences. Layers and fragments from childhood to adult, formal and self-education, adding personal and media influenced worldview with spiritual and practical human gestures all floating inside looking for position. The work is about translating that to canvas with a forward view in process. Here are works from my continuing series, ’abstract story-scapes’, applying a series of extroverted conscious decisions until completion. Through the imagination of gestural strokes, passionate use of colors, and the incorporation of mixed media collage, challenging what makes up form, place, and invokes a connection. I approach subject matter in a manner to exalt life... In whatever form it occurs.